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How To Not Regret Your Passport Photo: Makeup & Tips

January 7, 2016

Maybe you’ve been there: the official photograph you have to carry around and show people for years is…regrettable. Here I’m talking specifically about passport photos because I recently got a new one, but this is really about any ID photo you’re stuck with for an extended period: your driver’s licence, health card, Nexus/Global Entry, school ID, work security pass, or perhaps a PADI diving card. I can’t tell you how many times my photos for these cards are ones my own mother laughs at (“What crime did you commit?” HAHA, “Didn’t you KNOW they were taking a photo?” HAHA, etc). Often I’d prefer them in the trash than tucked in my wallet. Unfortunately, if I’d like to drive a vehicle, cross a border, or receive healthcare, this is not a viable option.

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