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Best Headphones Ever

August 24, 2015

I’ve been a fan of the idea of noise-cancelling headphones for quite some time.  I’ve always wondered why they don’t sell them on long-haul flights because people would probably line up to buy a pair, at least I would. Since I’ve never had the opportunity to buy them as an impulse purchase mid-flight, I’ve just never felt I could justify the cost…until the kids next door got a drum set. My work involves looking at a lot of video and needing to hear it accurately and this doesn’t jive with drumming and screaming coming through the thin wall of my 100+ year old home. So I went to the store to scope them out and try some on. I’m glad I did because these were literally the only pair I liked. Most of them I found super heavy and uncomfortable on my head. These were light weight, soft, and – I’ll just say it – pretty. They were also the most expensive. Go figure. I left the store hoping that maybe the neighbour kids would just find a new, less audible pastime soon.

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