Eileen Jumping

Hi! I’m Eileen and Aldis is my middle name – it’s Icelandic (my Mom’s side of the family is from there). My favourite mispronunciation of all time is ‘Illin Elvis.’

My favourite thing to do in life is travel. When I’m not on a trip I’m mentally planning the next one. I’ve always enjoyed eating so cooking is simply a way for me to eat better food more. I love trying beauty products and have come a long way since my sister bought me my first – aptly named – Wuss lipstick from MAC. I think personal style from fashion to decor is a fun way to take the temperature of your mood (mine tends to swing). My blog is a grab bag of all these things + some. 

I started this blog because I’ve been reading and enjoying them for a long time and wanted to join the party before it’s last call and they turn the lights on. I hope you enjoy the bits and bobs here as much as I love making them! It makes me so happy. Thank you for reading!


15 random get-to-know-me-oh-god-do-these-represent-me facts:

1. I can’t whistle. I’ve tried, but not very hard. I feel strangely guilty about this.
2. My family moved to the country when I was 7. I grew up riding a tractor, playing with my neighbour’s pet pig, and creek stomping in my underwear – that’s not a thing, by the way. But it should be.
3. I used to run track and was once identified in a photo finish by my ponytail.
4. When I was 5 I crashed my bike pedalling too fast when my Mom yelled down the street that Napoleon & Josephine: A Love Story was on TV. Reallllllly didn’t wanna miss it. #totallynormalkid
5. Before school in southwestern Ontario one morning, my Dad told me there was a shuttle launch in Florida the next afternoon. So we got in the car and went. Guess this is where my spontaneity comes from.
6. What About Bob, Spaceballs and Airplane are the three movies I reference most on a daily basis. They’re pretty much all you need.
7. I love maple syrup and am very picky about where it’s from. You’ll usually find a 2L jug in my fridge from my favourite sugar bush.
8. I feel disproportionate joy when my nail polish ‘matches’ things.
9. I went to university for Bioethics, Philosophy and German and then did a Master of Bioethics and came thiiiiis close to doing a PhD.
10. I still have the pair of red Crayola scissors that I once used to cut a triangle shape in my bangs because I was “sick of hair in my eyes.” Kid logic rules.
11. Calling Jane Austen my favourite author is a massive understatement. I started a chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America in my hometown at 14, own a Regency style dress (which, yes, I’ve worn to a ball) and have visited every place she ever lived. 
12. I lived in Germany the year I was 18 and didn’t drink a beer until the last week – more or less for a photo. I still don’t like beer.
13. Toronto is home for now but if I could live in a new place, like, every three months I would.
14. I can’t go underwater without plugging my nose. This unfortunate fact caused a very frightening incident while scuba diving in Thailand.
15. One night in dance class I leapt high and long enough to look in the mirror and think ‘oh my god, I’m doing it!’ That lapse caused me to fall so hard I literally burned a hole in my pants. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.